A Most Interesting Fact About Cups – Andrew Hincapie

July 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

she plays with the water fountain, complaining of boredom

so, holding a small styrofoam cup to his ear,

he tells his daughter exactly what the ocean sounds like

and taking the treasure from his hand

she learns a very interesting fact about cups

she’ll pay for dinner because after all, she’s taking him out

she says older people need help with bills and everything

although she can barely climb up into her chair

but watching the mechanics work behind the window

calms her nerves long enough to ask for the third time

what exactly all those people are doing to their car

everyone waiting has their phone tied to their ear

and a student wrestles with a book in the corner

no one speaks or makes any sudden movements

but like a parent at the doctor for the first time

she won’t rest knowing the family car could be sick

she runs into the other room now with the desk and the adults

and she moves to another window to get a better view

she weaves in and out of the stacks of tires, full speed, shoes untied

but first, she places the cup safely behind a tower of black rubber

and she will always make time to stop and put the cup aside

so her father’s present won’t get crushed in all the excitement

Live the Night - Rhianon Huot


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